An Evening with Bill Jenkins

Lucy Jenkins and Bill Jenkins describe the details of Bill’s Windsor Chairs

Pictured: Elaine T Paphides

Pictured: Bill Jenkins

Gwen & Karl O’Dell spend a “romantic” moment on Bill’s settee

Stole this picture from Elaine T Paphides. I thought it was a cute angle with George Washington “sitting” in one of the Windsor chairs. How very historically accurate, huh?

Cindy gives Diane Jackson (our 4th artist) the menu for dinner at the Inn at Montross

Bill Jenkins trying to make a sale to the winner of the museum’s “2011 Artisan Raffle” in which she won 2 of his Windsor chairs. Remember to stop by the museum and buy a $5 ticket or 5 for $20 to our “2013 Artisan Raffle” of a Scarlet Birdhouse hand-made by Gus Paphides

Bill Jenkins talks about his woodworking skills. Impressive!

When’s the last time that you saw a woman with a parasol? How cute!

Unfinished Chair with Pencil lines (hard to see) for Bill Jenkins outdoor Demonstration

Some of Bill Jenkins tools and chairs 

Some of Bill Jenkins tools

Everybody wants to see Bill Jenkins make a chair!

One of Bill Jenkins fine well crafted benches!!!!

Thanks again to Cindy for the wonderful snacks that she donates to the museum’s artist reception. She always does such a wonderful job! Thanks to my mom, Linda Bryant Morris for donating her beautiful lillies for the table, and Holly Gallagher for growing these in her garden

Cindy setting up the hors d’oeuvres for the event, including blackberry brie. She calls me Brie and I was wearing a deep purple. Talk about whipping up something special on the fly! I messed her up because I changed clothes for the event, but it was a delightful homage

Bill Jenkins (our 6th artist) and Diane Jackson (our 4th artist) meet outside the Inn at Montross for a photo. Gotcha! This was try #3 to get them together for this picture. Diane Jackson: “You’re a persistent girl.” Yes, ma’am, that I am

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