WCM Response to COVID-19

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WCM Response to COVID-19

With the continued spread of the coronavirus and recent changes in Virginia’s regulations regarding the spacing and gathering of people, it has been decided best to close our facilities to visitors and meetings.  Effective Friday morning, March 20, 2020, the following guidelines will be in place until further notice:

  • The three facilities we operate– the Historic Court House, original Museum and Wakefield Building will be closed to the general public.

  • Notices will be placed on the doors of all three facilities to that effect.  Information provided will state why the facilities are closed along with phone numbers and email addresses for the museum, genealogical library and visitors center should anyone require specific assistance or support from us.

  • Additional closing information along with contact information will also be posted electronically on our Facebook and other electronic contact pages allowing individuals to reach us if they require assistance. This will remain in effect until health officials have assessed that it is acceptable for people to again congregate.

  • For now, the staff will continue to their work within the museum proper regarding collections materials, updating museum information and the development of future plans, programs and activities.  Hopefully, this will provide a more secure environment.  Should you need to contact them, please do so by phone or e-mail until this crisis has passed.

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Westmoreland County Museum

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