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Thanks to Helle, Ken & Cindy from the Inn at Montross for the delicious hors d’oeuvres & petit fours. You all are the best!

Everyone loved the Inn at Montross snacks. The platters were cleared!

Debbie Houchin (our 9th artist) & Bill Jenkind (our 6th artist)

Debbie Houchin (our 9th artist) & Phil McKenney (our 8th artist)

Debbie Houchin (our 9th artist) holds hands with Walt Shackleford (our 20th artist). No, that is not a typo. He is slated as our November artist for 2014!

Artist Collision! Phil McKenney (our 8th artist), Debbie Houchin (our 9th artist), Gus Paphides (our 3rd artist) & Diane Jackson (our 4th artist) all pose for a group photo