Amazing Raise 2015

Amazing Raise Lettering

Westmoreland County Museum is participating in “The Amazing Raise” on September 16-17 and we need your help and support. Hosted by The Community Foundation, “The Amazing Raise” is an annual two-day online giving event designed to raise the awareness of and to celebrate the work of local nonprofit organizations. The goal for the Westmoreland County Museum is to raise $10,000 which will help complete and permanently open the lower level of the Wakefield Building. Our success during the 36 hours of this special fundraising drive could have an amazing impact and difference on what we offer to our community!

Do you want to help right now?

There are 2 things that will NOT cost you a penny

yet will give us the opportunity to win grant money.

1.  Watch this video on YouTube: 

We Got Bills

All you have to do is watch the entire video, like it, and share it (if you are on Facebook). If we have the most views (of the entire video), likes, and shares by noon on 9/11, we will win a $1,500 grant! If we are second, we win $500. Share this video with your friends and family, too!

2.  We are competing in a “Selfies for Good” contest.

(A selfie is a photo of yourself with the approved sign showing your support of WCM on either Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #AmzgRz.) Our theme this year is “We Mustache you to Donate.”

neon stache

It’s free to participate in this selfie contest and we can win $1,000.

On Wed., Sept. 16th, if WCM has the most unduplicated selfies posted on our behalf to Instagram between 9–10 am, we will receive a $1,000 prize.

On Thurs., Sept. 17th, if WCM has the most unduplicated selfies posted on our behalf to Twitter between 9–10 am, we will receive a $1,000 prize.

We need your help! Get your friends and family both near and far to take a selfie and post it to these social media sites during these dates and times. If you don’t have a Twitter or Instagram account, email us the photo ( and we will post it.

Gifts of any size count (the minimum gift accepted is $25)

and help us win one of the following 5 special prizes:


Instagram “Selfies for Good”

9/16 9 am-10 am

Take a photo of yourself with the “Amazing Raise” Sign and your mustache,

Flower stache

Tag @westmorelandcountymuseum on Instagram,


add the Hashtag #AmzgRz.

WCM can win a $1,000 award for most Instagram “Selfie” photos


Happy Hour Honors

9/16 5 pm-6 pm

Make a $25 donation during our Art & Wine event.

WCM can win $1,000 award for the most donations.


 The Art of Coffee “Coffee Break”

9/17 9 am- 10 am


Make a $25 donation to WCM while at AOC and get a free coffee. (Can’t make it to The Art of Coffee between 9-10 am? If you donate from anywhere during this time, The Art of Coffee will have a FREE coffee card available for pick up the following day.) Only 1 Free coffee credit (either in person or card pickup) per donation! WCM can win $1,000 award for the most donations during this time.

AOC Coffee Break

Twitter “Selfies for Good”

9/17: 9 am-10 am

Take a photo of yourself with the “Amazing Raise” Sign and your mustache,

colorful stache

Tag @Museum_WCM on Twitter, add the Hashtag #AmzgRz.

twitter bird

WCM can win a $1,000 award for most Twitter “Selfie” photos


Nifty Fifty

WCM can win a $1,000 award 

if we have $25 donations from the most states

Map of USA

If you would like to donate, log on to Locate the yellow “Find” magnifying glass on the lower right side, then type “Westmoreland County Museum” in organization name box, and select “Search”. Once you see our profile, click on the red “donate” button, select the donation amount, and fill out the short donor form!

If you do not have internet access, visit us at the museum to use our computers during the “Raise.”  For more information on participation details, call us at (804) 493-8440 and email us at

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