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Vintage TV characters on TV satellite dishes! Clint Walker, Yogi Bear, and Popeye

Phil & Delores at The Inn at Montross

Phil’s homage to Lucille Ball, Dean Martin & Barney Fife on satellite dishes

I thought a “fitting” tablecloth for this artist would be comics. Note to self: when wrapping a table in comics, choose a table without rounded edges. Lesson learned!

Cindy & Helle setting up the “Brie” & cracker spread for the museum’s artist reception. Inn at Montross always does a fantastic job. Two types of Brie…Cindy, you are so thoughtful

Cindy with a dark presence behind her!

Jurgenson, Gabby Douglas, and Boris unite…only in Phil McKenney’s mind

American Flag still waves

Phil McKenney’s self-portrait on a satellite dish

Robert E Lee

What is fitting artwork for a museum with a portrait of George Washington? A satellite painting of a YOUNG George Washington, of course!

Phil McKenney honors the Twin Towers. He sold two of these prints. It’s one of my personal favorites

“On Nomini Creek”

Montross Water Tower

Cal Ripken with George Washington behind him. Past to the Present

Phil McKenney artwork display

Phil McKenney relaxing with his adoring fans

Phil McKenney, Gus Paphides, Elaine Paphides chatting about Phil’s inspiration

Carol Chandler, the Montross Fall Festival Grand Marshall and her granddaughter, Natalie

Phil McKenney talks with a fan

Phil McKenney

How are the hors d’oeuvres?

Thanks to the Inn at Montross for the delicious appetizers

Thanks to Ken at the Inn at Montross for packing the museum with guests from the Inn. They really enjoyed it, and made it impossible to leave the building

Our 3rd artist, Gus Paphides and his wife, Elaine, chat with Diane Jackson, our 4th artist

Phil McKenney, our featured artist (8th) with Diane Jackson, our 4th artist

Gus Paphides, our 3rd artist, his wife, Elaine T Paphides, who has designed 6 artists’ flyers for the museum, and Phil McKenney, our featured artist smile for a group photo

Phil McKenney (next to Boris) stands with our 6th artist, Bill Jenkins

Phil McKenney & Stan Musial over at the Inn at Montross

Phil McKenney chats with the Gruendels and Shacklefords over dinner at the Inn at Montross