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Thanks to Susan Ripol and Walt Heyer for manning (and wo-manning) the Westmoreland County Museum table at Westmoreland County Museum Volunteer Expo!

Thanks to Susan Johnson from The Northern Neck Foster Parent Program

Thanks to Daisy Howard-Douglas for representing the Westmoreland Weavers of the Word Storytellers Guild!

Thanks to Daryl McCulley for participating on behalf of the Friends of Westmoreland State Park!

Thanks to Ms. Reed for showcasing the good works of Westmoreland Helping Hands

Thanks to Northern Neck Free Health Clinic for participating in our expo. The two ladies were so nice but didn’t want their picture taken

Thanks to Bill Elliot of the Northern Neck of Virginia Historical Society for displaying all that their organization has to offer!

Thanks to Francis Callahan for participating on behalf of Northern Neck CASA

Bill Long of BayAging- Retired Senior & Volunteer Program (RSVP) telling interested volunteer, Nancy, about the different opportunities

Thanks to Deborah Lawton, of George Washington Birthplace National Monument’s 4H Hertiage Club, spinning her wheel to attract interested volunteers

Thanks to Carole with Medicare Patrol ACE Team Volunteer Program for bearing with us through this first-time jitters. You all were so much help!

Thanks to Jill White with The Orchard, Warsaw-Richmond County Triad, and Northern Neck Connnection. Talk about having her plate full. Plus, she is the “J” half of T & J’s Dairy Barn in Burgess. Yummy!

Thanks to the sweethearts at the Westmoreland County Democratic Committee. (We will work on our vegetarian, and sugar-free lunch options next year.)

Thanks to the Appalachian Cherokee Nation for displaying their heritage for volunteers interested in joining this organization’s new Montross branch

Thanks to the lovely ladies from the Northern Neck Food Bank. Westmoreland County Museum volunteer, Helen Bell, came up with the great idea to donate all of un-used BBQ sauce and hamburger rolls to this organization. Kudos to Helen on her generous nature. We are lucky to have her!

More member of the Appalachian Cherokee Nation in Montross

Thanks to all the wonderful people that came out to support these organizations and the interested volunteers who signed up with them!

Thanks again to everyone for all their hard work, making this happen

This was the sweetest story of the day. These ladies from Rappahannock Community College, who I loving call my Party Crashers, called about reserving a table. I had to turn them down because I had given all the tables away. They didn’t give up, and showed up any way. We had a cancellation so they got their table after all. The lesson in life, as is true in college, is to never give up

Thanks to Kathryn Wittman and Maggie Bowen for helping us sign up all the volunteers. You both were such a huge help

Thanks to Northern Neck Chevrolet, Inc. for sponsoring the food and to Missey Collins for making the cookies! Thanks to Helen Bell for helping us serve the food to all these hard working people. We couldn’t have done it without you all!

Thanks to Susan Ripol, Jan Ohrmundt-Demyen, and Bonnie Cooke for telling interested volunteers about all the wonderful aspects of Westmoreland County Museum!

Thanks to Susan Ripol, Jan Ohrmundt-Demyen, and Bonnie for all of your tireless work on behalf of Westmoreland County Museum

Thanks everyone for making it a fun, educational day

Thanks to Northern Neck Chevrolet, Inc. for sponsoring the food and to Missey Collins for making the cookies! Thanks to Walt Heyer, and Helen Bell, pictured for helping us host this event!