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The History of Valentine’s Day

Near the end of the 18th century, new printing techniques followed by lower postage rates finally made Valentines cards affordable. These changes allowed commercially-made cards to emerge in addition to handwritten letters.

Valentines became so popular in the United States that printed cards were being mass-produced by the 1840s. The first paper Valentines featured real lace, floral decorations, and ribbons.  The Victorians took Valentines to another level by adding silk, fringe, and tassels to their lace cards.

Valentine’s Day cards are now second in sales only to Christmas cards

Valentine's Card

[typography font=”Cherry Cream Soda” size=”12″ size_format=”px” color=”#ed2345″](Photo Courtesy of the Virginia Historical Society)[/typography]

This Card is both a Valentine’s Card and a Leap Year Card.

Very appropriate for 2016 Calendar.

Snowy bench with heart- favorite

Photos of our Westmoreland Mercantile and Montross Soda Shoppe Store

Westmoreland Mercantile Valentine's DayMontross Soda Shoppe Valentine's Day

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