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The majority of research material held by the Wesmoreland County Museum is available for on-site use only. This page contains suggestions for resoures to assist with local history and genealogy research.


Eaton, David, Historical Atlas of Westmoreland County, 1947.

A thorough atlas of historical Westmoreland County that contains land ownership information. Access it here.

Flemer, Carl, Four Centuries of Little-Known Washington Parish History, People, Places, and Events, 1991. 

This out of print book, was written by Mr. Flemer provides an introduction to the Oak Grove area beginning in the 1600s. Access it here. 

Mallory, Dal, Westmoreland County Virginia Cemeteries, 2009.

This is an excellent resource to begin with when researching cemeteries in the County. Mr. Mallory has also contributed many research essays on local cemeteries that can be found in the hanging files in our library.

Norris, Walter, Westmoreland County Virginia 1653-1983, 1983.

This book is the primer on all things relating to Westmoreland County.

White, Edward, Colonial Lands and Roads of Westmoreland County, Virginia, 2020.

This text contains maps and details combing through the land records of the County.